1000 Gifts | My Photographic Journey

My LensFor Christmas, I received Ann Voskamp’s ‘1000 Gifts’. The premise of the book is beautiful and inspiring. In the book, John Piper is quoted: “there are eyes in pencils and in pens.” as Ann begins listing her 1000 gifts in a journal.
I don’t express well in writing. In fact, I despise writing. I have never enjoyed it. I felt challenged to take on the listing of 1000 gifts, but I did not wish to do so in words. So, I am going draw with light instead, with how I see the world the clearest. Through a lens. For the next 364 days, I will be posting 2-3 images a day. These images will express the beauty I see in the everyday. Things I often miss and don’t give thanks for. These are the moments where I see God.

“The only place we need to see before we die is this place of seeing God, here and now.”

“Eucharisteo – Thanksgiving – always precedes the miracle.”

Feel free to follow along and begin your own list – whether it’s through a physical list, photos, art, music etc. Where do you find God here and now?

One thought on “1000 Gifts | My Photographic Journey

  1. I read the book over a year ago, and it was truly life changing. I never expected that a simple list could change so much. As a word-lover, mine was pen and paper. I hit 1,000 gifts, and I’m still counting. I’m still finding grace in the everyday, and learning to say the hard eucharisteo. I as excited to see your photo-list grow, especially as I commit to coating gifts again daily this year.

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