To A Land Painted Red – Part 1

I had every intention of blogging while in Uganda, but we spent many nights playing Dirty Uno and Heads Up until way late (late for me, at least), and just journaling was difficult. However, I did my best to document the main points each night, and if I missed something, I have pictures to fill in the gaps. These will be taken directly from my journal, with some details added in as I remember them. So, without further delay, here is the first installment of blogs regarding my time in Uganda.

May 9th – 10th. Travel days.

Today was filled with so much excitement and so much sadness as we had to leave a member of our team in Atlanta. The few hours our entire team had together before our flight was obviously God ordained and the connections between each woman became apparent. It was beautiful to watch. Any anxiety I had leading up to the trip came entirely from having to interact with 6 new people, but it was gone within minutes. I could not have asked for a better group of women to travel and experience Uganda with. I’m heartbroken for Christine – That she flew all the way from Indiana to join us and that she didn’t even get to leave the Atlanta airport – but I’m so thankful for the one conversation we got to have over dinner. Uganda doesn’t know what’s coming. 🙂


Left to right: Myra, Grace, Olivia, Christine, Holly, Bailey, and I. Stolen from Christine’s Facebook. 🙂

Flying. I have a love|hate relationship with it. I get to watch pretty much any movie I want and I don’t have to clean up after meals, but man, I get way too restless. I think I watched about half of Saving Mr. Banks, and then half of The Monuments Men… And maybe 3/4 of a Sherlock episode. Also, no sleep. Half an hour over 17+ hours of travel. I will be bringing melatonin next time for sure. We barely made our London connection to Entebbe, so that was fun. Atlanta’s security was so easy and then London wanted us to empty our bags so they could flag half of us. I have to say though, British Airways was lovely. I could go for “a spot of tea” right now. Also, I want to refer to trash as ‘rubbish’ from now on. It just sounds sophisticated. I can’t complain about the number of British, Irish, and Scottish accents we were surrounded with either. I can’t wait to land on African soil!


Ireland was lovely to look at from the sky.

We made it to guesthouse! Our driver was waiting for us at the airport, but didn’t have a vehicle big enough for all of us plus our luggage. After waiting for that to be sorted out, we are finally here and I am exhausted. I think it’s about 1am, so it’s 6pm at home. Not sleeping on the plane may have given me a head start in transitioning because I am ready to drop. We just got to use a bit of wifi to contact our families and I found out through Facebook that mine had been rear ended after dropping me off at the Atlanta airport. That was wonderful news. We head out right after breakfast in the morning for our 3 hour drive to Jinja. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t rain and make travel difficult.


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