To A Land Painted Red – Part 2

May 10th –

We had breakfast at the airport guesthouse this morning before leaving at 9:30 with our driver, Paul. We were told the drive could take anywhere from 3-5 hours. We made it in about 4. Not bad considering another group had taken 7 hours!

10300502_10202278778431788_8676193329499442861_nI coud not get over all of the stunning colors. They were everywhere.20140510_050001 The Uganda Fútbol Stadium. Cell phone quality photo. Got to love it!IMG_0338

Our wonderful driver, Paul.

The streets were filled with shops. What any of them sold, I have no clue because they were all painted with similar advertisements. Pepsi and some kind of mobile network were the most prevalent. Most of the buildings were unfinished and some were even falling apart. They were still in use, regardless of their condition.

The drive wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Paul was an incredible driver. I don’t know how anyone makes it through Kampala without road rage. Riding on the left side of the road felt weird at times as I thought we were going to turn into oncoming traffic. At the same time, there really wasn’t any ‘side of the road’. It was more like “drive wherever and don’t get hit”. Fun times, especially when you keep dozing off only to look up when you’re driving straight on to another vehicle.

The compound is stunning. Asher, Drü, and the kids greeted us with warm smiles. It was kind of surreal to finally see our home for the week. We did a quick tour and met those who work for Sole Hope. I can’t remember most of the names, but I can’t wait to meet the people behind the beautiful smiles we saw today.

IMG_0046 IMG_0258 IMG_0600 IMG_9633 IMG_9649

The best thing about today was chocolate chip pancakes at 9pm. Sally and Lis are absolutely brilliant and the pancakes made a great day just that much better.

My heart is full.

May 11th (Sunday) –

Today, we went to church here in Uganda. It was an American church, so I’m determined to attend an actual Ugandan church service when I make it back. 3-5 hours and community filled. We walked to the church at Arise Africa International.  The service was filled with both Americans and Ugandans and it was really short. We sang songs I was familiar with and all of the lyrics were phonetically spelled in a powerpoint on the wall. It was kind of fun to try to read them. One of the songs was sung in both Luganda and English. I wish I had time to write down the Luganda lyrics!

It was a lovely walk were we really got to take in the red dirt roads, green trees, and flawless skies for the first time. Also, giant snails. We all had our phones out taking pictures. Escargot the size of my hand. It was ridiculous. Our first instinct, of course, was to pick it up, until we were told that they carry meningitis. We kept our distance after that.

IMG_20140524_155859 IMG_20140524_160312

After church, Lis drove us down the road to go take a boat ride on the Nile Rive/Lake Victoria. That’s going to be a whole blog post by itself.

The kids for the outreach house were supposed to come in the morning. They showed up this evening instead. We took a look at their feet to assess what tomorrow’s clinic will hold. They are bad. How these children can walk, I don’t even know. We found socks for them and put them over their feet so the eggs didn’t fall out over the compound. The names are confusing. Dan, the social worker (I think?), gave us a bunch of different names. They also put their surnames first and that adds to the confusion.  There are four kids in total, the older two are siblings and the younger two are siblings. The youngest two are coming home with me, I’m pretty sure. Her name is Viola. I got that much. Her brother has been dubbed Precious by Bailey since we can’t figure his name out at the moment.

Tomorrow is our first day diving into what Sole Hope is doing. I’m not sure what to expect at the moment. All I know is that these kids are absolutely precious and I can’t wait to see their faces again in the morning.

My clock won’t switch to Ugandan time, so I had to set my alarm for 11:30pm Monday, which is 6:30am here. Craziness.

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