Two Thousand Fifteen. Twenty Fifteen. A new beginning. A much needed start to pick up the pieces of hatred and malice humanity spewed in 2014. A time for us to build fortresses and strongholds of peace, grace, and forgiveness. To let flow a never-ending reservoir of love and gentleness. For our hearts to fall forward, into waves of justice and mercy. For our feet to find ground of humbleness and humility. To seek the kingdom of Christ in every soul with every heartbeat, blink, and tear.  To carry the weight of sorrow, depression, and mistakes alongside our brothers and sisters as we journey through life together. To share in the laughter, glee, and sheer beauty God allows us to experience in this glimpse of eternity. To see God’s fingerprint in each story we listen to. To see His majesty in every landscape we encounter. To live and give on an eternal level. To be difference makers. To throw everything we have at the feet of Christ as we fall into His arms. For our desires and dreams to be unwound. To be undone until they echo only the heart of Yahweh.

Welcome to 2015. The year of undoing.


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