My goal of one blog post a week isn’t going very well… I have about 5 different posts in the process of being perfected. I would be on track if I just posted them!

This post came about after my sweet friend from England asked me to do a ‘facts you may or may not know about me’ status on Facebook. I asked her for questions, and she came up with 12 (I think.). It seemed fitting to post here since I’m up and blogging more regularly now!

What started your interest in Uganda?

 My heart has always been in Africa. Always. It wasn’t until I found Sole Hope while searching for a photography internship/job in Africa that Uganda specifically caught my eye. After visiting Jinja and meeting the incredible people there and experiencing a taste of their beautiful culture, I fell in love. 🙂

What is your goal in life?

 To see Christ made famous throughout the world and to live my life worthy of the standard He has called me to, which is to find all of myself completely in Him.

  Favourite colour?

My favorite color is grey. Or blue. It all depends on the day.

Favourite book and why?

I’m going to assume that this excludes the Bible. If so, I can narrow it down to two or three favorite books that I love very dearly.

The first is The Hobbit. This story has been with me since early elementary school and it is filled with characters that I connect with and want to learn from. I’m a lot like Bilbo – anxious but determined – and his loyalty to his friends and adventure is something I aspire to. And Tom Bombadil. Must I really go into detail on that note?

The second is The Martyr’s Song by Ted DeKker. It is such a beautiful story of Christ’s love and how it, if we truly believe it, changes the way we live and die. This book is fiction, but it has impacted my faith in a way no other book has.

Honorable mentions: A Wrinkle in Time and Anne of Green Gables.

Favourite hobby?

 My favorite hobby is reading. I love sitting down with a cup of tea and a good, long book.

Favourite movie and why?

 My favorite movie keeps changing! I enjoy different movies for different reasons. If I want to laugh, I’ll watch Princess Bride or Surf Ninjas. Or Miss Congeniality. If I’m looking for a beautiful story I’ll watch The Lord of the Rings or Anne of Green Gables. If I just want to watch a film with beautiful lighting or videography I’ll grab Les Miserables or something of the sort.

iPhone or Android?

 iPhone. 100%. I’ve never had one, but all of my other electronics are Apple and I quite enjoy them.


Favourite song?

 Anything by Sleeping at Last or Twenty One Pilots at the moment. I can’t choose one song. Just listen to all of their music and you’ll be listening to wonderful music. J


 Favourite craft?



Most important date?

 I have so many going through my head. Every day I choose to believe God for the unbelievable.


Most inspirational person and why?

 My sister, Shoshannah. If only you all knew the things she has overcome and continues to overcome every day – you would agree.


 A strange/different hobby that intrigues you?

 I could spend hours listening to TED talks on various topics. I like learning. Constantly. So podcasts are really good friends of mine. I learn a lot about really interesting/strange hobbies through those!

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