.Simply Morning.

There’s this thing when you’re a photographer that doesn’t allow you to not see light. All I wanted to do was turn away from the window this morning and go back to sleep. But my eyes saw a lovely, diffused light coming through and I couldn’t resist. I’m trying to get back into shooting a lot more often, no matter how random the subject. If my eyes connect with light for even a second and they see something – it is going to be photographed.


I had Shoshannah for a bit this morning. It’s nice not being in school; I get to hang out with her a lot more often! This morning was a slow, simple morning. I made blueberry muffins and pineapple for breakfast while she read her Bible out loud.Then we discussed the chapters while the muffins were cooling. That child can condense a Bible story like no other.

And with that, it was simply morning.

Simply Morning


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