30 Days | Day 2

30 Days | Day 2 – Top 3 Pet Peeves

  1. People who are consistently late. I typically get everywhere 10-15 minutes early, unless I’m teaching piano. If I’m teaching piano, I’m there 2 minutes prior to lesson time. I have it down to a science. I don’t expect anyone to be anywhere 10-15 minutes early, but I do expect everyone to be where they said they would be when they said they would be there. This is apparently difficult to achieve.
  2. People who don’t read/listen before asking questions. If they genuinely don’t understand, that’s okay. If they were just too lazy to read a few sentences or listen to what the other person was saying for moment… It drives me insane.
  3. Papyrus. Comic Sans is a well known joke. Papyrus should be a well known joke, but it is unfortunately still revered by those who are not in the aroma therapy field. This pains my eyes and breaks my heart.

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