30 Days | Day 6

I’m back on track for the time being!




30 Days | Day 6 – Bullet Point Your Whole Day

  • 2:45am | Alarms goes off. I marvel at the wonder of dry shampoo and get ready for the day and make sure I don’t forget my water bottle when walking out the door for work… again.
  • 3:20am | Leave for work.
  • 3:45am | Arrive at work and wait until I can enter workplace.
  • 3:52isham | Successfully open my locker [New skill, guys. I never had to open a combination locker until I started this job] and get ready to clock in.
  • 4am-9am | Work.
  • 9somethingam | Arrive home, eat a small breakfast, and read for a bit.
  • 10am-12pm | Nap.
  • 12pm-1:00pm | Shower, eat lunch, and gather teaching material.
  • 1:15pm | Leave to teach, found our water delivery bottles lying out in the street because of the crazy wind. Helped pick them up, then got in the car.
  • 2pm | Arrive at my teaching destination after getting a little lost due to construction detours and begin teaching.
  • 3pm | Arrive home. Hang out. Start laundry. Read and watch a bit of White Collar. Organize a bit of my room.
  • 5:30ishpm | Dinner. It was good.
  • 6-8pm | Look for teaching resources for the next week, job search, blog.
  • 8:30pm | SLEEP, PRAISE THE LORD.

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