30 Days | Day 7

30 Days | Day 7 – 30 Random Facts About Me, Arielle

  1. I love lists.
  2. I love lists until I have to make lists about myself.
  3. Let’s just get down to it – my favorite colors are grey and blue.
  4. I detest seeing ‘grey’ spelled ‘gray’. I just don’t think it looks as tasteful… As if words can look tasteful.
  5. I have this thing where I latch onto particular words or short sentences for weeks at a time and will repeat them over and over until I make some sort of attempt to portray the word or sentence in an artistic manner.
  6. I am a 21 year old grandma. I like to crochet while watching Jeopardy at 7:30, and then bedtime is promptly at 8pm. It’s either 8pm or 1am – there is no in-between.
  7. I’m generally a very happy person who happy to find the most beauty in dark, melancholy things. No, I’m not depressed, I just like sad music.
  8. I refuse to answer my phone unless I have the name in my contacts. Leave a message if it’s important.
  9. I also refuse to use a drive-thru. I will forever park my car and speak to a person face-to-face.
  10. Much of my photography is inspired by literature and music. Sometimes it’s a literal interpretation and sometimes it’s a bit more vague.
  11. I’ve been playing piano for 13 years now, but I can’t play by ear to save my life.
  12. Despite being likened to the Little Mermaid because of my name growing up, I always wanted to be a red head.  Because of this, I dyed my hair red once, even though I’m allergic to red and blue dyes. I was left with a consistent headache for about a week or so afterwards. This is currently the worst life decision I have ever made.
  13. Both of my favorite stories to date, I read for the first time in 3rd grade : The Hobbit and A Wrinkle in Time.
  14. George MacDonald fairytales are still some of my favorite things.
  15. I’m not indecisive, I just want to go with the flow, or have time to weigh the pros and cons of each option.
  16. Seeing this list halfway done makes my heart extremely happy.
  17. I am an INTJ, but I like to think I’m a bit nicer than what the internet portrays me as. I do have a heart, I promise.
  18. I have no problem with silence. Whether it occurs while I’m by myself or in the middle of a conversation, it’s a beautiful thing. I like to listen to others speak, but I think there’s more to see in another person in the absence of words.
  19. You know those “loud minds” posts all over tumblr that are used to describe the mind of an introvert? Those are all incredibly accurate when it comes to me. Sometimes I’ll think I’ll say something outloud, but then find that it was only in my mind and I missed my opportunity. And by sometimes, I mean all of the time.
  20. I’d rather spend a whole day doing chores than spend an hour shopping.
  21. Unless it’s for books, antiques, or yarn, because I am a 21 year old grandma.
  22. I don’t like to snack. I don’t even get popcorn at the movies.
  23. Learning to play the drums and cello are at the top of my bucket list. I think they’re the two coolest instruments ever.
  24. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t like coffee. I’ve tried it multiple times now and it’s not my thing. I’ll stick to a nice mug of hot tea, thank you.
  25. When I travel, I collect mugs. Currently, I have a Kermit mug from Disney, a Cat in the Hat mug from Universal, and a Mozart mug from Vienna.
  26. I spent 8 full hours wandering one museum while in Vienna. Art/music/history museums = pure bliss. I’m that person who spends 20 minutes in front of one painting and forgets the rest of the world is there.
  27. I can play a total of 10 chords on guitar. My favorite is Em, for obvious reasons.
  28. I adore playing piano when I’m 100% by myself and I know no one can hear me. Also, when it’s storming outside. Thunderstorms and Chopin are my favorite combination.
  29. It’s nearly 10pm as I’m writing this fact and my body hates me, because it’s 2 hours past this granny’s bedtime.
  30. I frequently go on research bunny trails. I’ll look up one thing and then by the end of it, I’m on a totally different subject with 20 tabs open like I’m hoping to become an expert on it. I’m typically good at time management, unless I have nearly endless information at my disposal.


I think this is the most random list of facts I have ever made. If you made it to #30, you’re a saint!

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