30 Days | Day 8

30 Days | Day 8 – What’s in my purse


In my purse, I have:

  • $1.60 in change.
  • Blue post-it notes
  • One 32gb memory card
  • Four pens
  • One crochet hook
  • A bottle of Ibuprofen
  • An EPOH bag which holds all of the above belongings
  • My wallet
  • A journal for ideas and writing
  • Artifact Uprising Instagram Prints
  • Business Cards with an outdated blog address on them
  • Hitrecord’s ‘The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories’, volume 1
  • The Confessions by St. Augustine


My one rule for purchasing a bag is that it must be able to hold at least two books and this one is doing a stellar job!

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