30 Days | Day 9

30 Days | Day 9 – The Meaning Behind My Blog’s Title

In 2014, Owl City [Adam Young] released a song called ‘Beautiful Times’. I haven’t been a big fan of his most recent work, but this song just came at the perfect time for me and a few of my friends. A misunderstanding of the lyric in the bridge/outro of the song is what sparked my blog’s title. The actual lyric goes like this :

My heart’s burning bad and it’s turning black but I’m learning how to be stronger.
And sincerely I love you dearly, oh, but I’m clearly destined to wander.

And, as you can see, I heard ‘wander’ as ‘wonder’. Thus, my blog name. While ‘Destined to Wander’ would have worked quite well for my vagabond, wanderlusting self, ‘Destined to Wonder’ fits my day-to-day approach to all things life and faith. So, I kept it. I loved it then and I love it now.

Keep wondering at all of the wonder this world holds – you were destined for it.

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