Leaving Prose to the Pros

It’s National Poetry Month. It’s actually a thing, and a bunch of my favorite people over at HitRECord are participating in PED – Poem Every Day. I watched this wonderful onslaught of poetry come through the site last year and was amazed at the number of really good poems.

Well, we’re back again and I decided to try to my hand at writing a poem every day. We’re talking about 30 poems in 30 days within the month of April. While I do have this blog, I do not consider myself a writer by any means, especially not a poet. However, I have made it through an entire 7 days of poem writing and I’m quite proud that I managed to release something consistently, even if it does lack any sort of form or style. I selected a few that weren’t too horrific to keep this blog from sitting for an entire month without any love. Look away now while you have the chance!




Thick grey cloud hanging over my soul like a loaded gun. Waiting.
Its seams coming apart at the very heart of the darkness it carries over me.
The secrets it holds, rotting the stitches one by one. Finger on the trigger. Undone.


Roaring resonance. Ruptured.


The laceration, deeper than ever, pouring out everything I had hid away for a rainy day I had hoped would never come.
But it came. Oh, did it come. No stopping the pounding torrent of nightmares I had once wished away.
As quickly as they washed in, they receded. Stitches winding back together with hope at their side.


Roaring resonance. Restored.




Last night
That dream woven into my fingertips
Like a tapestry longing to be held eternally

But that dream was a wishing well in the middle of a desert, dried up by the sun
And tonight that tapestry isn’t here and my fingertips are empty and forever is a foreign word my heart can’t comprehend

So tonight, let me weave another story into my palm

Too big for my fingertips to grasp at once and let me reach for it again


And again


And again





Give me one second to get this story straight
Because yours keeps on winding itself, impossible to navigate
It could have hurt less, if it were just a moment of deceit
But you layered them high, one lie atop another
Building it up like the Tower of Babel
Shattering my heart to the ends of the earth, unable to recognize the truth we used to share




The sun goes down
The wind kicks up
Disturbing the darkness that had settled behind the horizon line of my mind

The looming shadow.

It sticks to every memory, every moment I try to recall
Some nights I can decipher stars in the distance
Galaxies of revelation to hold if I just wish far enough

They aren’t there tonight, those stars
I keep pushing my mind further into the darkness
Reaching deep for sunshine in black caves

Somehow, I always find my way out
Somewhere, the light is always shining
No matter how deep the shadow is
Galaxies always burn bright


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