Summer Favorites

We’re coming up on the middle of August, so I figured I would share some of my favorites that have carried me through this summer thus far.



• M U S I C •


  1. Twenty One Pilots.
    I got to see them for the 3rd time in June and it was just as amazing as the first two shows, if not better. If you can make me cry with your last two songs, and then have me smiling and singing along to Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ within a matter of seconds,  you’ve done well. It’s an emotionally exhausting and fulfilling experience seeing these guys and I can’t wait for round #4.



2. something true by O Memorie

“Here is something true 
To tell you in your sleep 
Mighty is the melody 
That in your head repeats 
But mightier still 
Is the face of life gone by
Reminding us who listen on
That every song must die”

This anonymously produced project is just wonderful. It was written and recorded over two days through a telephonic filter, making it incredibly unique and in the moment. Poetry and story written in melody and put to music – it’s my go-to album this summer.


3. CAVACO by Aaron Randolph
This album was on my Top 10 Albums of 2015 list, and I described it as being “the kind of album that makes you feel like you’re on a road trip with your best friend, talking through life on the way to your final destination”. This is still a highly accurate description, and a much needed album considering my best friend lives 600 miles away and our schedules don’t always line up for such discussions. I drive a lot. I feel like I spend the majority of my time driving, so this is my go-to driving reflection & I-really-miss-my-best-friend-and-forgot-to-put-together-a-playlist-of-her-current-favorite-songs album.

I just realized that all of these albums are compilations of deep reflection and poetry and I should probably find a good dance track of two with little-to-no artistic value sometime to let my mind have a moment. It’s nice to know there are people out there who think as much as I do.

• R E A D S •


1. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
All I can say is this : As a creative who just made her most terrifying bit of art yet, this book would have been nice to have had about 6 months ago. But it was always checked out at the library and I needed to make sure the hype was worth it before I spent money on it. I really should have just spent the money. 10/10

• M O M E N T S •



    My best friend went and got married in June to an incredible guy and I got to be her Maid of Honor. Or, as the program stated, Bae of Honor. I still can’t find her on Facebook due to the last name change. I WILL remember one of these days. I really will. Spending that week with her and her family was amazing and I’m already dying to see her again. #Longdistancefriendshipproblems



2. Occasional Sister Dates.
Where we sing Disney and Broadway at the top of our lungs, make Oreo milkshakes that we really shouldn’t drink, and watch Jeopardy.



• R A N D O M •


  1. LIGHT.
    This summer’s light game has been pretty strong. I’m a fall/winter light girl all the way, but summer put up a good fight and I can’t be mad at it.



2. Day Designer planner.
This thing is amazing. I have a lot of students, errands, and random things to keep track of and this planner has saved my life this summer. I know most millennials my age use their phones almost exclusively, but I love my pen and paper too much.


3. Moleskine with a JONAH sticker (Sticker given to me by my sweet friend Nici from Germany).
I use this for budget/spending/goal tracking and it’s amazing. Again, give me a pen and paper and I will happily write and follow a million lists.


4. Lavender + Camera Wall
My friends gave me a sweet bouquet last month that included a bit of lavender. I promptly hung it up to dry and the color purple looks positively lovely against my blue wall (the color of which is not accurately displayed in this image). Between those bunches, a calendar from my friend Nici, a necklace from my best friend, a cross-stitch of Africa from another friend, and cameras – this wall is just full of happiness.


I had this mug handy as I was working on the Crate Challenge this past week. It’s a constant reminder to keep hitting that red button on the site and off – to keep creativity constant and I love it specifically for that reason. And the fact that I really just love mugs in general. I keep urging fall to come soon so I can fill it up with hot tea and not die of heat stroke as I drink it.

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