Welcome back to another Wednesday of wonderful wonderings! Make sure to share your own Wondering Wednesday moments with the #WonderfulWonderingWednesday hashtag on Instagram or Twitter!


1. Ellen DeGeneres + Producer Andy + Halloween

Every year, Ellen sends her producer through haunted houses. And every year, I laugh until I cry.


2. Atlas : Emotions by Sleeping at Last

This EP is such a perfect collection of songs that so accurately describe joy, sorrow, anger, and fear. There are very few artists in the world who consistently make work that moves and grows the listener, but Ryan seems to have it down to a science. Absolutely beautiful.


3. The Liturgists Podcast RE: The Enneagram

I recently started listening to this podcast and found the episode on the Enneagram last night. I never felt super ‘attached’ to my results based on what I read on paper… However, hearing it discussed in conversation completely changed my view on it all. Their definitions and descriptions were scarily accurate for my sisters and I (I’m a 5, Danielle is a 9, and Shoshannah is an 8. If you’re familiar with the Enneagram, none of these numbers surprise you), and it’s already changing the way we interact with each other. I highly recommend giving it a listen! Whether or not you agree with views expressed in other episodes, they are filled with honest and raw conversation revolving around spirituality/religion, art, and community and are a great listen for anyone interested in any of those topics.

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