Poem Every Day 2018

I now have officially completed the Poem Every Day Challenge two years in a row!
There are few things that push me as far artistically as this challenge – crafting words into some form of poetry every single day for 30 days is no simple feat. And to be honest, this year was disappointing. I walked away without a single piece I loved, which is very different from last year. But I wasn’t working 50 hour weeks last year. Nor did I have to work to carve out time for friends, meal-prep, and gym time in-between those hours. However, despite all of that, I walked away with a greater understanding of my determination and my ability to create SOMETHING, even if it is just to be able to go to sleep. (Not going to lie, I posted my last poem completely unfinished to any extent because I couldn’t keep my eyes open).

And to celebrate that understanding, here are a selection of poems that I have a little room for in my heart and hope to learn to love in the future:




Unfolding the origami of my soul
Unraveling the truth of all that I am
A song birthed beyond the stars

Penned in ink of crimson blood
Recorded in the halls of life itself
A symphony born before the sun

Tonight my beginning is expelled from these lungs
The prologue to my own death
Is whispered here, now, in this very breath





The fabric of you
Ripped away

The fabric of me
Ripped apart

Bleeding out





self lost is hope found
tireless mercy
emerging boundless love
engulfing boneless ambitions

hope found is wonder known
sleepless mystery
awakening freedom song
alighting fury chains

the end of all
lost and found
my legacy in stone





The stars
Romance the soul
Bewitching her to
Follow blind

But these eyes
Won’t close
And all I know
Is that I’m just
A calloused mind





This confession
Is thunder
Roaring through my bones
Roaming my veins

This profession
Is treaty
Surrendering head to heart
Soaring white flags

This concession
Is tapestry
Binding my wrong to your right
Braiding the two in one

These truths now spoken,
My soul set free





The moment of our enchanted meeting
Intense gazes locked like drawn bows
Hearts the target of each pointed word
The arrow tips of our tongues ready for war
The crusade begins with hello





Language unknown
Bred in foreign soil
No memory of its arrival
Now native tongue

To speak it
Is to court fear
It knows no whisper
Its only utterance is
A scream into sterile halls

The words echo
Like  a freight train
On a never ending track
Circling until silenced
With a murmur
Of love

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