With both my mom and Danielle participating in Masterworks’ ‘Storyland Christmas’ this year, festivities began a bit late in the month. Like, they started on Christmas Eve late. We made a few crafts here and there and Sho and I snuggled up with hot chocolate for her first viewing of Elf prior to the 24th, but cookie baking had not been completed and our annual Christmas puzzle was left undone. I’m going to leave my dialogue on festivities brief though. Just know that if you weren’t here, you missed out.

IMG_1301IMG_1310IMG_1326shochristmasIMG_1443IMG_1360DanielleChristmasdanielleandshomomsho christmas

Danielle made a Twenty One Pilots cookie, along with the Deathstar and Frankenstein’s monster. I kept it simple with an outline of Africa (cookie cutter from Sole Hope!) with pearl-sprinkles in the place of Uganda.
Shoshannah’s cookies won the ‘spirit’ award. They boasted a million colorful sprinkles. Placement didn’t matter, as long as no empty space remained. 🙂



My adultness was made painfully obvious today when I unwrapped a (much needed) GPS and later found a great withdrawal from my bank account for my health care coverage. Hurrah! I also received an amazing copy of the first five installments of the Wizard of Oz series, which includes green gilt edges. -insert drooling emoji here-

The greatest entertainment today, however, came from Shoshannah’s gift of roller blades. She’s typically pretty coordinated, but flat out turned into Bambi trying to ice skate as soon as the blades were on her feet. Enjoy these few moments here (Excuse the shaking please. I couldn’t stop laughing): Here’s a laugh


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