I bet you pictured a 75-degree, sunshine-filled day with fields of daffodils and lilies.

Am I close?

I love that spring is so closely associated with life and newness when the season is actually filled with dreary rainy days that block out the sun. But even so, we see life. We see beauty. Most of all, we see hope. When the clouds roll in again to push winter further away, we do not despair. No. We see the colors around us become more vibrant. We hear the movement of the grass. We welcome the opportunity to breathe in the scent of spring rain as it begins to slowly fall to the earth.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if we would walk through the less than marvelous seasons of life with the same attitude – Seeing the end result and placing our confidence in that. No hesitation necessary, because we’re wired to do just that. Sometimes, I amaze myself by how swiftly I can feel like I’m drowning before a drop has even descended from the clouds above me.

I want to learn to welcome the rains – to breathe in hope. I want to see beyond the mess that is the changing of seasons – the gradual revelation of fresh life that is spring. I want to dive deep and drown willingly because in this transition, this becoming of new, it is the only way to truly live.


IMG_7066-3 IMG_7066-4 IMG_7071-3 IMG_7076-3 IMG_7076-4

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