Bacon’s Castle

We took a bit of a field trip to our very own castle. Kind of. It would be if it were ever actually owned by a Bacon. Plus, it’s a house. What it lacked in secret passage ways and hand painted murals, it made up for by having the most gorgeous light. I want to do a portrait session there pronto. I don’t know if that’s even possible yet.

Anyways, we learned a lot about the history of the house and our ancestor Nathaniel. You may or may not have heard about his little rebellion a few years back. And, of course, I am now going to smother you with pictures. (I apologize. I’m on this weird -everything in color AND black & white- kick right now because I can never decide which one I love more).

baconscastle-2 baconscastle-3 baconscastle-4 baconscastle-5 baconscastle-6 baconscastle-7 baconscastle-8 baconscastle-9 baconscastle-10 baconscastle-11 baconscastle-12 baconscastle-13 baconscastle-14 baconscastle-15 baconscastle-16 baconscastle1

And some phone snaps!

10575438_10204495549769686_5164844589704954735_o 11025694_10204495548369651_901472399708544106_o 11134119_10204495547169621_88735045847282978_o 11174407_10204495547889639_8925416236605785990_o

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