Sonrise || 2015

Sonrise Music Festival – two days of music on the beach benefiting the homeless in Virginia Beach. I missed last year’s due to being in Uganda, but I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph this year’s event. It was a blast!

[To Send With Love]


IMG_8792 IMG_8793 IMG_8858

[Manic Drive]Manic Drive

IMG_8963 IMG_8990 [Remedy Drive]

These guys were a highlight for me. I’ve been listening to them since I was in middle school and I never had the chance to see the live until Sonrise. If you want to listen to music that matters in the grand scheme of things – pick up their album ‘Commodity’. These guys are modern day abolitionists and their music is a proclamation of freedom, liberty, and justice.3 4 5 [International Christian Church}International Christian Church


[Zach Hardison Band]IMG_8843 IMG_8854 IMG_8864 IMG_8871 [Jason Bare]8[DJ PDOGG]DJ PDogg [Tedashii]
9 [The City Harmonic]11

IMG_7096 IMG_7123 IMG_7158 IMG_7171 IMG_7187 [Kutless]IMG_7407IMG_7415IMG_7424IMG_7532IMG_7537IMG_7544IMG_7498IMG_7564IMG_7657 [Abby Robertson]IMG_0162

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