Ten years of dimpled smiles and ginormous belly laughs. This child has yet to find the brake pedal in life. It’s 100%, 100% of the time. Every mountain is just an opportunity to fly in her eyes. She’s an arms out – head up – eyes closed – feet wherever they may wish to go person because falling means a cut or bruise and that just equates to a really cool battle scar.

Cats are everything and red is the color of choice. Brushing hair is more of an option rather than requirement. Girl Meets World is a Friday night priority and spelling tests are fun. Lightsabers are also fun and Jar Jar Binks is somehow likable. Animal facts are never forgotten and The Hobbit journey began. Legos = endless entertainment and books are becoming tolerable. Movie quotes are acceptable conversation and sarcasm is now grasped… Most of the time.

This is Sho in a very small nutshell. Her personality is larger than life and I’m beginning to think even that is an understatement. Here’s a bunch of her cuteness. I dare you not to smile! (I cringed going back through my old images because a. I’m really old b. my portraits stunk! Anyone who told me otherwise needed their glasses checked!):



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