Voice in the Void

“You’ll come back year after year and it will still never really be finished. Even then, less is more. ” – Every art teacher ever.

One of the beauties of art is that it is a direct interpretation of the heart of the artist which is tangible to one or more of the senses. Nothing speaks more about the core of an artist than the art he or she creates.

This evening, the women’s Bible study I attend watched the first session of Beth Moore’sBreath’. After writing many notes, one thing stuck. “God does not forget. He leaves space”. After hearing this bit of revelation and reading Genesis 1:1 over and over again (In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth), it occurred to me that this is why God is the ultimate artist. We’re cover-the-canvas-in-one-big-stroke-and-hang-it-on-the-wall kind of people. It’s quick, easy, and we can hide those eraser marks. Here’s the thing : God doesn’t leave us with eraser marks. He knows each stroke and He is incredibly aware of the fact that emptiness can speak. Less is more. That flourishing stroke? When the piece is finished saying what it needs to say in the moment, He’ll add it. We see the empty canvas and wonder why He forgot a spot. We try to fill it with our cheap acrylics.

When we sit with these unfinished bits of work, we learn. Emptiness can speak. There is a voice in the void. Even songs of great beauty can be found in the in-betweens. The art is precious and a true reflection of the heart of its maker. With each breath, He inspires delighting life in my lungs because I am His masterwork. The missing pieces will be filled at the artist’s discretion. The space will fill and with it, my capacity to be one who carries the vision of an artist expands.

He is the ultimate Creator and what a beautiful thing it is to be His creation.

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