Here we are. Our feet are firmly planted in 2015, but we have already changed this year’s locker combination by a digit in our minds. Our vision is locked on the horizon, searching for ends we cannot see and we’re missing the tides pulling us out right beneath our feet. We’re making lists and dreaming about who we may be a year from now. A year from now we’re healthier and happier. A year from now we’re dreaming bigger and seeing further than ever before. But who are we¬†today?


What if we decided to be the person we want to be next month? Next week? Tomorrow? With hours left of this year, what if we chose to put all of our energy towards being the best we can be with this very breath? Right here. Now. No more invisible finish lines for our feet to cross, no more planning to defeat disappoint down the road. When to be authentic is so prevalent, why are we trying so hard planning to break molds? Why does our freedom come in 12-step packages?


So here’s to experiencing the magic of spring every time we blink. Here’s to feeling the greatest joy with every inhale and hope as we let it go. Here’s to moving forward with every step and making progress with every thought. Here’s to seeing miracles in the laugher and finding peace through the tears. Here’s to healing with every word and change with every decision. Here’s to saying ‘yes’ to adventure and having the strength to say ‘no’. Here’s to today. Here’s to this moment.

Here’s to making new begin now.
Who do you want to be?

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  1. thenextruth

    Loved this!! It got me thinking and challenged me some; thanks for that! Also thank you for the follow! I’m humbled you chose my blog to follow specially since there are so many really good ones to follow.

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