The Only Side Worth Taking

No matter the justice you might be seeking, Love will always be the only side worth taking.

Never turn a line into a wall. Sometimes stepping two feet across is braver than climbing twenty feet tall. Be the first one to step. Open mind, open heart, open all. This is how we discover our hopeful province on the horizon and see Hate fall.

So stick a knife in the darkness today, and twist with our hopes and dreams and our futures in hand. This is how we fight for our land.



As we look for unity and justice in the midst of chaos, let’s remember that these things are found in the victory, not the fight. We get to choose how we claim unity and justice for America and for the world, so let forgiveness and reconciliation┬ábe your means until they become OUR means and only peace remains. We get to sing this song together. Let’s make it an anthem worth hearing.

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