. eleven .

Shoshannah 11


Eleven. It’s not a huge leap from Ten, but there’s an extra wish included and I have no doubt that Shoshannah will take full advantage of it this year.

Neither brakes nor filters have been installed over the past year, but a few walls have been scaled and she has some muscle to prove it. Red is still the color of choice and all things animals are adored. In fact, she proudly holds the title ‘expert’ in all things animal – just ask her.

Pokémon knowledge is extensive and holds the spot for favorite television show alongside Girl Meets World and Batman. Last year, the majestic world of Middle Earth was discovered in The Hobbit. This year, she entered the magical world of Hogwarts alongside Harry, Hermione, and Ron. She looks forward to receiving her letter of acceptance into the school and is excited to celebrate her birthday so soon after Harry’s.

Who’s and what’s do not hold quite as much importance as how’s and why’s in her architectural mind. Lego cities and forts hold property captive on her desk in tiny, neat squares. This is not an accurate depiction of her personal brain map – she can barely get a thought to stick for a second before she moves on to another. She can belt out Guns and Ships like nobody’s business (She’s still working on the timing) and claims the role of Angelica each time The Schuyler Sisters comes around, even though we all know she’s an Alexander Hamilton through and through. She’s a solution finder and problem solver. She’s the star of whatever moment she happens upon and leaves glittering joy with each smile. These are the things she keeps as she rushes into her next rotation around the sun.

Ten changed a lot. Eleven holds a lot. Bigger dreams for bigger things. She’s still climbing mountains and pushing limits – showing no signs of slowing. And as for the extra wish… We’ll see what’s in store when Twelve comes around.



•All pre-iPhone images, so please excuse quality •


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