Poem Every Day


I wrote a poem every day for 30 days.
Well, 29, actually, because I skipped Good Friday.


Last year, I only made it to day 6 or 7, so to complete this year feels like a huge accomplishment to me. Thirty days of carving out space to be able to think coherently enough to write. That’s a big deal. So, in celebration, I will be sharing a few of my favorites from the past month. You can read all of them on my new art Instagram : Destined to Wonder.

all of you and all of me
forever ‘us’
forever balanced on a finger
wrapped in gold
forged in lies

all of you
my counterpart
all of me
torn apart
forever slipped us by

Day 2 // Prompt : Forever


You speak as though it’s a blossoming flower that blooms upon a welcome gaze, a sweet word, or a secret phrase.


on a spring breeze, and laid to rest upon the apples of your cheeks and the tips of your ears.

A gentle touch of blush.


But what if it’s a fire, and every breath used to disarm sends


until floodgates are forced to open to combat the inferno inside? A wildfire, carried by gusts. Burning skin inch by inch.

A merciless match, consumed by red.

 Day 5 // Prompt : Blush


You are north
I am north
Our compass shares a point
But we’re running in contrary motion

You are north
I am north
These magnetic hearts we share
Pulling everything apart

Day 8 // Prompt : Reverse

I try to trace back to the start
Where everything began
Following a constellation of tangled stars
A trail of celestial glitter in your eyes
And the truth in all of the searching is
I hope I never find the end

Day 10 // Prompt : Constellation

Have you seen the sky tonight?
A million battered hearts that somehow crumbled
Held in the hands of the moon’s reflection
Like a mobile of diamonds hanging over our heads
And we get to see the rare eclipse
Where brokenness and beauty meet

Day 15 // Prompt : Eclipse

This hollow heartache
Waits for spring rain to fill up
Empty space with sun

Day 17 // Prompt : Concave – My first haiku ever!

There’s a line called superstition
Dividing insanity and reason
A tightrope of sorts, strung tightly around my pinky
To remind me of all I should and should not do
Lest I forget and lose grip on reality, too

Day 24 // Prompt : Superstition

It’s a bit of a mess in here,
My mind.

It calls back to me like an empty cave
But when I follow its trail to find the end of thought
I find myself barraged with quests from long ago
Staring down the barrel of questions ready to fire
But they sit and wait
Only releasing their triggers as the night slips away
My eyelids captive to the stars

That’s when I realize that it’s a bit of a mess in here,
My mind.
But what beautiful mess it is.

Day 25 // Prompt : Mess

Here we are
At the end
Crumpled papers
Crippled hands
Constricted minds
Sore from carrying the weight of words
The weight of poems
The weight of rhymes
Patiently waiting
As the words close in
To set them free to the world
In ink and pen

DAY 30!!! // Prompt : Close

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