Two Thousand Seventeen. Twenty Seventeen. Simultaneously pulling us into a welcoming embrace and pushing 2016 to the curb. We’re arriving with cases full of questions, boxes full of uncertainty, and hearts full of anticipation. We’re not quite ready to settle in yet, and that’s okay. We’re running headlong after things we want to hold onto this year, and settling is not an option. We see peace, justice, and hope within our reach and we’re going after it. But my goodness, 2017, please stop us in our tracks if we forget love at the center of it all for even a second.

World, let love be our goal. Let it be the first thing we offer to those we encounter. Let it always be our parting gift. Let it surround our words and our work and our wishes. Let it settle in our bones. Let us plant love and sow love. Let us see with love and dream with love. Let us be love and let us permit ourselves to be loved. Let love be our story, our legacy. Let love be our song.

World, let’s love. If we forget love, we forfeit everything, and there’s a lot to lose. So start running, but allow love to lead.

Welcome to 2017. The year of pursuit.

Let the chase begin.

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