A year ago, I thought it was just an excuse to spoil yourself with ridiculous things and time away from work that you couldn’t afford to lose. A year ago, I was very wrong.

I am an extreme introvert with anxiety (something yet to be formally diagnosed, but one step at a time, right?) and a tendency to say ‘yes’ to everything. Self-care and Introvert Days are necessary to my survival, and I have finally begun to implement these days as important appointments with myself. I feel better, my friends and family get a better me, and life is a lot more enjoyable because of this. Following my post on turning 22, I will be sharing my progress on some of the items on the list thus far and sharing my favorite self-care routines today!

1. Reading

Number 1 on my list for the year was to read 12 books. Last month, I completed Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore as an audiobook on Audible (The narrator was FANTASTIC). This month, I am reading Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and Absolutely on Music by Haruki Murakami. I’m well on my way to hitting the mark on my 12 book goal! I gave up on reading for fun after beginning college, and I missed it way too much. No Introvert Day is complete without a good story, in my opinion.


2. Self-Dates

Number 3 on my list was to plan and execute a self-date once a quarter. When I have time to do things by myself, my initial choice is to stay home and lock myself away with some art or music. That’s not always a terrible thing, but experiencing things by myself is also wonderful and something I need to do more often. So, last month, I took myself out to see my new favorite film – La La Land. I’m in love with everything about it and already can’t wait to see it again. The soundtrack has been on repeat since December!


3. Crocheting

Number 6 on my list was to finish one crochet project per quarter. I chose to start with All About Ami’s cabled beanie (version 2). It’s technically meant for worsted weight yarn, but I had this beautiful chunky yarn from Lion Brand that I loved too much to pass up for this pattern. It’s so pretty, and the pattern is so easy to follow!


4. Art
Joy is evergreen. As deeply as we feel winter’s frost and summer’s blaze, Joy holds steady, bearing the weight and fury of it all.
Lunar Legacy. Forever preparing dreams for flight.
Anne of the Island is forever one of my favorite stories. ❤

Art is my preferred method of processing and exporting thoughts and feelings. This year, I chose to join a wonderful community of artists on Instagram for a 52 week project. Each week there is a prompt to interpret however you want in any medium you want. #Artstew52 is keeping my creative muscles active, and I’m enjoying trying new things! These are 4 out of 5 of my pieces from the month of January.


5. Health and Coziness
Essential Oil Baths
Favorite socks from some of my favorite people
Go-to Breakfast

•Health is something I’m definitely making a priority this year. I joined a gym (Shout out to Haleigh and Michael at FFP!) and have been making breakfast a daily thing. My go-to is a protein shake consisting of one scoop of Fit Food whey protein powder, Almond milk, a banana, cashew butter, and gelatin (great for hair, nails, and joints). This means I’m getting over 22 grams of protein in every morning with minimal sugar and amazing taste!
• Essential oil baths are great for muscles, relaxation, and clearing the mind. I hate baths with a passion, but they’re a quick was to reset after a stressful day, so I’m learning to give them more credit.
•Never underestimate the power of a fun pair of socks to boost happiness. My friends got me a pack of Nightmare Before Christmas socks for my birthday. I love everything Tim Burton related, and these instantly add happiness to my day.


6. Beauty


Last, but not least, practicing finding beauty in little things can change your mindset very quickly. As a photographer, noting light and shadows is something I can’t resist. I try to grab a photo anytime something catches my eye – whether it’s fog on a Sunday morning or lines on the wall on a Tuesday afternoon. These will eventually make cute little prints for a wall full of light and shadows.


What are your favorite self-care tips and routines? Are self-care days something you make a priority, or do you wait until you’ve burned out before you give in?


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