22 Things To Do Before 23

A few years ago, my friend Ashley from A Global Walk began publishing a list of all of the things she wanted to experience and learn before her next birthday. The number of items grows each year, so next year, I’ll have a list of 23 things.

I thought it was absolutely brilliant, though the thought of establishing 22 experiences/opportunities/routines for the list still seems a bit daunting. I came up with time constraints and schedules for most of the itemsĀ on my list so I actually get them done. They’re all routines and things I genuinely want to establish, but if it’s not in the planner, it’s not going to happen!


  1. Read 12 books
  2. Visit Europe again (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and Germany)
  3. Plan and execute a ‘self-date’ once a quarter – go see a new film, spend the day at a book store, or an afternoon at an art museum
  4. Memorize 22 verses of the Bible
  5. See a 3rd Vermeer
  6. Finish 1 crochet project a quarter (Basically, get rid of all of the yarn)
  7. Journal once a week
  8. Find my spot on the minimalism scale (In theory, I was born for tiny house living. I’ve just never lived in a tiny house. But I’m getting there!)
  9. Write a letter every week (Start checking those mailboxes!)
  10. Roadtrip! (A proper road trip either by myself or with friends. I’m not picky.)
  11. Learn 2 new pieces on the piano (Chopin + Mozart? Suggestions?)
  12. Collaborate with more artists on and off of HitRECord
  13. Blog consistently – once a month minimum
  14. Go apple picking
  15. Interview artists and business owners for the blog
  16. Find a good way to accurately and efficiently track expenses
  17. Learn and try more gluten/dairy free recipes
  18. Create a cookbook of favorite recipes
  19. Successfully follow 333 for a year
  20. Photograph for my ‘Alice’ series
  21. Begin a new photo project series (Any models interested???)
  22. See more sunrises than not


And there we have it! Twenty-Two is shaping up to be a full year, but intentionally so. Here’s to getting older!




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